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Tale of a Modern Belly Dancer

In the bellydance world, you don’t pick your name, a mentor bestows it upon you. The original Badia was an innovator and dreamer that took the classic Egyptian dance form and adapted the styles of European and Hollywood shows to elevate her Cabaret Club (the Opera Casino) as the place to be in Cairo.

In Becoming Farasha we follow our Badia as she prepares for the challenges of the professional Belly Dance world. From the competitive fervor of pageants to the enlightenment of learning from icons of the past, we follow the ups and downs of her journey.

  • Bridggett Bess as Badia
  • Concept by: Bridggett Bess and Garrett Nyland
  • Directed by: Bridggett Bess and Garrett Nyland
  • Produced by: Bridggett Bess and Garrett Nyland