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Award Winning Professional Belly Dancer of Sacramento and your HotRaks Instructor

Badia is a professional belly dancer, that competes and performs across California. Badia specializes in a Belly Dance style that is influenced by Classical Egyptian Raqs Sharki and Egyptian Baladi. Recently she used these skills to place 1st runner up at the 23rd Annual Belly Dancer of the Universe. Badia is also a regular performer at the beautiful Kasbah Lounge in downtown Sacramento.

Badia was born an Army Brat raised by an US Army Airborne Father, who has now applied that discipline, tempo and urgency to her Belly Dance practice routines.

After years of learning from skilled Instructors across the US, Badia decided it was time to put her own ideas on display. Accentuating the benefits of repetition and rhythm, mixed with the pace of Modern Arabic music, Badia is able to practice grace balance and dexterity while breaking a health sweat!

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